After finishing my last post I stumbled across this draft from way back in January. I’m not sure why I never published it, so I’m going to release it into the wild tonight. Yes, that’s right folks, Two-for-Oneday Monday. Enjoy…


I have to say, I’ve never been a massive fan of Italian food. Sorry everyone. I just didn’t get why friends and family would opt to eat out at a restaurant like Zizzi’s when they could choose something more exciting like TGIs or Chiquitos.

But I’m back in England now after 4 months living a life of luxury (well, as luxury as a student budget would get me) and I have to say that my opinion of pizza and pasta has changed a fair bit. Living in Forlì and travelling around the country opened my eyes to how delicious freshly made authentic Italian food can be. I’m even missing the ragú with tagliatelle that I would make myself when I didn’t feel like going out.

As I haven’t written a food post in a good while I thought I’d give a rundown of all the eateries I enjoyed in Forlì, much in the same way I did for Exeter last year. So here we go again.

Name of establishment –
Rating for food quality (out of 10)
Rating for price (€=5-12 €€=13-20 €€€=20+)
Rating for ambiance (out of 10)
3 word summary

Hawaiian Diner (America Graffiti)

Serves “Hawaiian” food?

La Posada


Best piadina around



Delicious snack whenever

La Sosta

Heard good things (okay so I’m slightly cheating here, but I’m allowed to listen to other people’s recommendations too)

Vecchia Forli

Bring the parents

The dashes are for takeaway places – ambiance is as good as you can find on a nearby bench.

So if you ever find yourself in this lovely little city and feel the pangs of hunger, in these words you will find your answer. Tripadvisor who?